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Our Minnesota Center for Survey Research (MCSR) specializes in providing survey research, evaluation, and assessment services. Our team of dedicated Project Managers and staff are committed to providing the best service possible to help you collect data that meets your objectives, regardless of topic or mode of data collection.

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Whether your project is large or small, we can help you collect the data you need. Our specialty areas include:

  • Health sciences research
  • Public policy & opinion surveys
  • Student experience research
  • Customer feedback
  • Comprehensive performance reviews
  • Participant tracking
  • Grant and program evaluation
  • Custom exams

Our Project Managers know the importance of delivering high quality service while balancing scope, schedule, and costs. We also help to:

  • Fully understand your project’s goals and objectives
  • Collaborate on project design
  • Determine sampling techniques
  • Develop and adhere to a timeline and budget

We know which techniques work and the best survey design practices to:

  • Develop effective questionnaires
  • Confirm respondent interpretation and comprehension
  • Improve response rates

Our Project Managers will help you identify the most appropriate data collection method(s) and mode(s) for your project to ensure we are collecting reliable and relevant information. We have experience in many areas, including:

  • Qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Mixed methods and multi-mode approaches
  • Longitudinal research
  • Oversight and management of the data collection process

We analyze the data to give you actionable results and make it clear and easy to understand. Take advantage of our range of reporting options to meet your needs:

  • Clean data file (SPSS, Excel, CSV)
  • Technical details and overall numeric results
  • Narrative or analytical report


We use innovative ways to manage a variety of projects, from longitudinal to multi-mode projects and studies.


We have been offering web-based surveys as a data collection tool for over 15 years. With our deep understanding of the Qualtrics web-based survey platform, we can help you identify innovative ways to get the data you need and can quickly build and administer your survey for you.

We offer expert service in many areas:

  • Sophisticated survey design and programming
  • Distribution methods, including mobile compatibility
  • Restricted access for intended respondents
  • Response rate optimization strategies
  • Offline surveys (collect data on a mobile device without access to the internet)

Our paper-based surveys offer many flexible options, from general scannable forms for basic needs to customized forms for specific projects, which can be in either scannable or nonscannable formats. We can create everything from single page forms to multi-page booklets to be used for in-person or mail data collection.


We can help you reach selected recipients through mail surveys and optimize response rates. We utilize the Dillman method, where selected participants are sent up to three mailings:

  • Introductory letter, questionnaire, postage-paid envelope
  • Reminder postcard
  • Follow-up mailing sent only to non-respondents (cover letter, questionnaire, postage-paid envelope

Equipped with an 18-station call center and Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) capability, our Project Managers and highly trained interviewers can handle a vast array of projects. Contact us below if you are interested in booking time in our call center. Space fills up fast!


Each year, we conduct telephone interviews (via landline and mobile numbers) with Minnesota residents, receiving responses from more than 800 individuals. Please contact us if you would like to include questions in our Omnibus Surveys, or if you would like additional information.


This mode is a great way to supplement other data collection methods and provide in-depth insights to previous findings and trends. We have multiple Project Managers trained in moderating focus groups who will work with you through the entire process, from designing the structure of the focus group to conducting follow-up research.


We are proud to assist the University of Minnesota in their unique and specialized research projects. In addition, we have also worked closely with companies and agencies external to the U of M. We are committed to providing the best services to ensure you collect the data you need.

Our team has worked on numerous projects for a variety of funding organizations including:

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • National Institutes of Health
  • Mental Health Services Administration
  • Minnesota Department of Health
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


Qualtrics is a user friendly, online survey platform that is available to all active U of M faculty, students, and staff. However, it is also a complex and robust system that can be used for all types of data collection needs.

As Business Owner of Qualtrics, we take pride in our breadth and depth of Qualtrics knowledge. Our programmers can assist you with everything from determining feasibility and functionality options, quality checking surveys before they launch, or simply bridging the gap between do- it- yourself and advanced level survey programming.

If you don’t have the time or capacity to learn yet another new system, or your needs are complex, consider contracting with OMS. We provide expert service at non-profit rates.

Our Expertise Survey Modes Case Studies Qualtrics


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