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Minnesota Statewide Testing Program

The Minnesota Statewide Testing Program (MSTP) provides consulting, scoring and reporting services to measure and assess K-12 student ability, achievement and academic growth. MSTP services are available to all K-12 public, private, charter and home schools in Minnesota.

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Our Advantages Testing Services HomeSchool Testing Public, Private, and Charter Schools Frequently Asked Questions


The Minnesota Statewide Testing Program (MSTP) strives to provide stellar customer service and high quality test scoring. Our clients benefit from having a local testing partner and assurance that their test results reflect their students’ efforts as accurately as possible. Our advantages include:

  • Rapid turnaround (days, not weeks)
  • Working with any schools, regardless of size and location
  • Competitive pricing paired with an unmatched reputation
  • A thorough review of individual responses flagged by the scanner as "unreadable"


See what educators have to say about the Minnesota Statewide Testing Program

"MSTP is so responsive. You are accessible whenever we need help or have questions, and your turnaround times are incredible. Thank you so much!" Principal,
Trinity Academy
"You are amazing! I never expected such quick service." Gifted and Talented Coordinator,
Bloomington Public Schools
"Working with MSTP has made a fairly stressful endeavor, stress free. They respond quickly to emails and phone calls, are flexible, and always have a solution. I couldn't ask for a more supportive partner throughout the testing and scoring process." Talent Development & Advanced Academics,
Minneapolis Public Schools
"The team at the Minnesota Statewide Testing Program is so very helpful. Anytime I have a question for them I get an almost immediate response. They explain things clearly and are always ready to help in any way they can. I have used them for about ten years and have always had exceptional service. I have recommended them to others on many occasions." Gifted Coordinator,
White Bear Lake Area Schools
“I highly recommend using the Minnesota Statewide Testing Program. The team is so knowledgeable and responsive whenever I had a question. I was always amazed at the quick turnaround time in receiving the test scores. This was a huge time saver for us! I could always depend on the MSTP team to give us great service.” Gifted Coordinator,
Eden Prairie Public Schools


Standardized tests allow students to be compared with other students and schools to be compared with other schools. Such comparisons give educators the opportunity to look at achievement and ability levels of students in relation to a defined student group. Teachers and administrators get an "external" look at the performance of their students, one that is independent of the school's own assessments of student learning. If our population continues to be highly mobile and students compete nationally as well as locally for educational and economic opportunities; student and school comparisons with local and national norm groups should be of interest to students, parents, and educators.


MSTP offers a variety of achievement, ability, and career inventory assessment services which can be purchased by any K-12 public, private, or charter school or district. Thousands of schools across Minnesota have utilized our services.

Our quality of service is unbeatable. Unlike common scanning practices, when our scan program flags any responses as "unreadable", our staff will individually review the flagged items. This ensures the final score is an accurate representation of the answers the student provided.

Partner with us today for assistance with your test scoring needs.

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Information is available regarding testing methods and timelines, how test results can be used, and a glossary of common terms. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions section to see if one of your questions has already been answered.

Our Advantages Testing Services HomeSchool Testing Public, Private, and Charter Schools Frequently Asked Questions


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