To assist students in course selection, SRT responses that pertain to a course (not a specific instructor) are made available under the provisions of current University Administration policy. Results are updated in March/April to include the preceding fall term, and in November to include the preceding spring and summer terms.

Spring and Summer 2020: A shorter version of the standard SRT form was used during the first two terms of the COVID-19 pandemic. The short version did not have a separate section for course items. Therefore, there are no course results available to report for those terms.

SRT results are available for the following campuses:

Completing the SRT

For semester-long classes, students are sent an SRT invitation by email three weeks prior to the last day of class. Each student and course pair has its own unique link for the course evaluation. Students may take the SRT using a desktop computer, laptop, smart phone or other mobile device with internet connectivity. If your instructor uses Canvas for a course, your prompt to complete your SRT will appear on your Canvas page. To see whether you have any SRTs available, click here.

The SRT is distributed in a class period during the last three weeks of the term, but not during the final exam period. A student volunteer may be asked to distribute the SRT on that day.

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Administering the SRT: Directions for Student Volunteers

  1. Read aloud the following:
    "I am going to hand out a questionnaire that will ask you to rate several aspects of this course and the teaching. The three purposes of this questionnaire are: rating of instructors, improvement of teaching, and assistance to future students in selecting courses. As an added measure at preserving confidentiality, demographic information is no longer being collected. Your responses to this questionnaire are important because they will be used in tenure, promotion and salary decisions for your instructor. Your thoughtful written comments are especially requested, and may help your instructor improve future course offerings. Results of this survey will not be reported to the instructor until after final grades have been reported. Your cooperation is appreciated."
  2. Distribute the questionnaires, then explain aloud the following:
    "Only pencils or blue or black ink pens should be used in marking your answers. Please be sure that all of your marks are heavy and completely fill the circles. If you erase, erase thoroughly. Multiple markings for a question will be ignored. At the top of the form, print the instructor's last name, the department, course and section number, the term and year, then complete the questionnaire. When you have finished, return the questionnaire to me."
  3. Collect the completed questionnaires.
  4. Put the filled-out Identification Sheet and the directions sheet on top.
  5. Place the Identification Sheet, directions, and completed questionnaires in the envelope marked "Student Ratings."
  6. Place any unused questionnaires in the envelope marked "Unused Questionnaires."
  7. Deliver both envelopes to the office to which they are addressed.