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Qualtrics is a user friendly, online survey platform that is available to all active U of M faculty, students, and staff. However, it is also a complex and robust system that can be used for all types of data collection needs. If you don’t have the time or capacity to learn yet another new system, or your needs are complex, consider contracting with OMS. We provide expert service at non-profit rates.

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With over 15 years of online survey experience and a team of programmers trained to use Qualtrics at an expert level, you can be sure that your survey project will be top-notch.

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Surveys at the U

As the Business Owner, OMS serves as the University subject matter expert for Qualtrics. OMS also provides governance of survey activity across the University through its work on the University Survey Advisory Team (U-SAT). OMS serves as a liaison among users, our Qualtrics representative, and OIT. Additionally, OMS provides communications to stakeholders through various channels including Qualtrics IT@UMN Website website.

University Survey Advisory Team (U-SAT)

U-SAT is in charge of providing governance and managing survey issues and needs on campus. Learn more

Qualtrics User Group

By joining the Qualtrics user group, you will receive important announcements and connect with other users.

Qualtrics IT@UMN Website

All you need to know about survey activity at the University of Minnesota can be found at the Qualtrics IT@UMN Website, including best practices and how to get a your own Qualtrics account.

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