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Student Privacy

Student data privacy is protected through compliance with University policy, data processing procedures, and in-house security.

Data collection

Instructors may not be present when SRT evaluations are completed and collected.

SRT administration takes place during the last 3 weeks of classes, before final exams. All students present in class when the SRT is administered, or all students enrolled in online courses, must be provided the SRT form. Students may opt out of completing one or more questions, or the whole SRT form.

Paper SRT

The SRT form does not request demographic or other identifiable information from students. Please note, a student’s identity might be inferred, for example, if the student provides comments or an example applying only to that student’s interaction with the instructor.

Online SRT

SRT software pulls student ID information from the University’s PeopleSoft database to ensure that only currently enrolled students complete SRTs for a specific instructor. Although the system maintains the identity of students to ensure they receive SRT invitations for courses they are enrolled in, the instructor is never informed of the identity of students providing ratings.

Data analysis and reporting

Paper SRT

The paper version of the SRT is returned to OMS immediately after completion.

After grades are submitted, SRT results are released to instructors and to the department chairs/heads they report to. Results from multiple choice items are provided electronically. The original answer sheets containing responses to open-ended questions are returned to instructors. They contain no identifying student information.

Online SRT

Instructors receive access to reports containing results from multiple choice items and open-ended responses.

Department chairs/heads receive multiple choice results, but only receive open-ended responses if the Dean of their College has granted permission for release of this data.


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