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The Department Contact role is critical to the success of the SRT. Responsibilities include:

When Department Contacts change, please complete the Department Contact Change Form as soon as possible.

How the SRT is Administered

Paper - For semester-long classes, SRT is distributed in class during the last three weeks of the term, but not during the final exam period (click here for data collection windows for all course lengths). A student volunteer is asked to distribute and collect the questionnaires and deliver them to the department office on that day.

Online - For semester-long classes, students are sent an SRT invitation by email three weeks prior to the last day of class (click here for data collection windows for all course lengths). Reminders are sent to students who have not yet completed their SRT at 7 and 14 days. Each student and course pair has its own unique link for the SRT. Students may take the SRT using a desktop computer, laptop, smart phone or other mobile device with internet connectivity.


Paper collected data will be reported as quickly as processed.

Web collected data will have reports available three weeks after the last class meeting date. (This is to account for Finals Week and the 72 hour grade submission window.)

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How SRT results are used

By Students

The SRT has questions for students to rate their instructor and an additional set of questions that allow students to rate their course. The SRT data collected on the instructor questions will not be released to students.

To assist students in course selection, SRT responses that pertain to a course (not a specific instructor) are made available under the provisions of current University Administration policy for Rochester, Twin Cities and Morris campuses. By the University

The dean or chancellor of each college or campus, in consultation with faculty and other instructors, will determine whether and how written comments on student evaluation forms may be used in personnel decisions.

Each college will inform the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs on its collegiate policy regarding the use of written comments.

See the full SRT policy for complete information.

Customization Options

SRT customization is generally implemented at the College level. Customization may require both one-time setup and ongoing (per term) maintenance.

SRT Form

The online SRT form can be customized through the addition of survey questions. All standard SRT questions must be retained. Questions may be added to either the course item section or the instructor item section and require customization of SRT reports to include the custom items.

Survey fatigue should be a consideration in the decision to include custom questions, especially given that students are completing an SRT for each course they are taking.

Additional questions must be submitted to OMS for the review and approval process. OMS also has a list of custom questions that have already received approval, covering a range of student learning objectives.

The paper SRT form is generally not customizable.

Access to Reports

Please contact OMS with questions about customizing access beyond standard report views.

Future Customization Capabilities

OMS is exploring options to improve SRT customization capabilities. If you have a customization need that is not currently supported, or is too complex to pursue at this time, please ensure that OMS has the details to include as we consider potential improvements.

Please contact OMS with questions about customizing the SRT.

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SRT Support

First, send an email to OR call 1-HELP.
The IT Help Line should resolve most issues.
Second, if needed, contact OMS at 612-626-0006 or through our online contact form.

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