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Homeschool Testing

MSTP provides testing materials for homeschool educators in Minnesota. Our testing options help homeschool educators meet the Minnesota yearly testing requirement for their students.

Achievement Tests

Achievement tests are used to evaluate a student's understanding, comprehension, knowledge and/or capability in a particular area. Minnesota requires that homeschooled students take a nationally normed achievement test every year, unless the homeschool is accredited by a state-recognized agency. Test scores do not need to be reported to your school district, but they can provide parents with important insights about their child’s progress in various academic subjects and the level of instruction for which the student is prepared. The Minnesota Department of Education recommends the Iowa Test or the Stanford Achievement Test, both offered by our team. The Iowa and Stanford tests also meet the PSEO requirements for some post-secondary institutions.

Find out more about the achievement tests we offer, including reports, scores, and score interpretations.

Career Interest

Interest Determination, Exploration and Assessment System (IDEAS) (Grades 7-12, adult):

The Interest Determination, Exploration and Assessment System (IDEAS) is a self-scoring inventory that helps introduce middle school, junior high, and high school students and adults to career options and the world of work. Brief and easy to score and interpret, IDEAS identifies interests that can affect educational and vocational planning and direction.


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