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24/7 Security

OMS takes the responsibility of scoring exams very seriously. The integrity of exams is protected through our security protocols.

Preparation for Scanning:
Quality Assurance:
Optional Service for Additional Security

OMS offers the option of printing Individual Student Reports to augment the security of exams after they have been returned. Faculty may request Individual Student Reports on the Exam Report Order Form.

Benefits of Individual Student Reports:

Recommended Best Practices for Faculty
Data Integrity

We score all exams in a secure, timely, and accurate manner following UMN best practices.


Security patches are updated daily with built-in hardware and software protections. All servers are protected and maintained following UMN guidelines.


Only non-student OMS staff members process exams. All staff members are trained in managing confidential data, and are certified in and compliant with HIPAA and FERPA.

Alarm System

The OMS office is equipped with card access, motion detectors and alarm systems and is directly connected to police and fire protection.


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