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Exams & Scanning Services

We offer a variety of exam scoring and reporting options to instructors and employers. Our team of dedicated Test Processing Specialists are committed to providing the best service possible to meet your testing needs.

Extended hours will be announced closer to Finals Week

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We are committed to secure, accurate, and timely processing of exams, and we offer a range of report options and analytics. Our exam reports can provide insight into potential improvements to future exams as well as test-takers' knowledge. Our advantages include:

  • Offering in-person exams that are convenient and secure
  • Providing in-depth analysis for improving test quality
  • Faster and more accurate results than hand scoring
  • Guaranteed 24-hour turnaround for course exams
  • Custom exam services
  • Survey Services


OMS exam scoring provides a cost-effective and accurate method for scoring student exams. Reports include individual student results, item analysis, and descriptive statistics.

OMS resources for classroom testing include:

  • 5- and 10-choice answer sheets to match exam format
  • Comprehensive scoring reports
  • Assistance with exam format
  • Knowledgeable staff to answer your questions

Utilizing OMS’s Course Exam services is easy.

Scantron Scanning Services

Answer sheets are easy to order by phone or online. Call OMS at 612-626-0006 or click here to place an order for yourself or your department. Please note: Our scanning equipment cannot process photocopies of answer sheets.

Helpful information is available to assist in writing high-quality test questions.

After the exam has been given, please send (via Campus Courier) or bring to OMS the answer key and answer documents along with an Exam Report Order Form (EROF). Directions for completing the EROF can be found here.

Gradescope and PDF Scanning Services

OMS can scan exams OR homework assignments for instructors who use Gradescope. Our services include orienting, cutting off staples or booklet bindings, scanning, uploading to Gradescope and matching to roster. We can provide any or all of these services for projects that require scanning paper into PDF format.

After the exam has been administered, please send answer sheets (via Campus Courier) or bring to OMS, along with a Gradescope Order Form.

University policy dictates that completed exams must not be sent through campus mail. Click here for delivery instructions and office hours and location. (Note: if sending homework assignments for PDF scanning, University policy does not require secure handling. However, we do not recommend sending via campus mail because deliveries are not tracked, and may be delayed in transit.)

Exams are processed within 24 hours of receipt and results are provided securely to instructors.


Does your organization wish to test the knowledge of new or potential employees or evaluate training outcomes? Does your educational program need to provide practice tests for professional certification, or the certification exam itself?

The Exams Services team can help identify or create the right testing materials for a range of business purposes, as well as meet your test scoring needs. Some examples of our custom exams include:

  • Accelerated learning program qualification exams
  • Certification exams
  • Language proficiency testing
  • Job-specific knowledge testing

If you are interested in learning more about our exam customization services, please fill out our contact form.


OMS takes the responsibility of scoring exams very seriously. We score all exams in a secure, timely, and accurate manner following the University of Minnesota best practices.

The integrity of exams is protected through our security protocols.


Security patches are updated daily with built-in hardware and software protections. All servers are protected and maintained following University of Minnesota guidelines.


Only non-student OMS staff members process exams. All staff members are trained in managing confidential data, and are certified in and compliant with HIPAA and FERPA standards.


The OMS office is equipped with card access, motion detectors, and alarm systems which are directly connected to police and fire protection.


Drop-off and pickup

Information on where to drop off and pick up your exams

Report options & interpretation guide

Different report types and descriptions

Sample answer sheets

View the different answer sheets available for exams

How to write test questions

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of different question types


Answers to the common questions we receive about exams

Course Exam Price List

Price list for reporting, materials, and additional services.

Our Advantages Course Exam Process Customization Services Exam Security Additional Resources


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