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Note: The ratings contained in this database were collected from instructors on the Twin Cities campus who agreed in writing to release their SRT results. Data included in this database was collected during the period Spring 2008 through Fall 2013. This constituted less than 3% of the instructors teaching during this period. If you did not find your instructor or course in the database, it was most likely because the instructor did not agree to release their SRT results.

Beginning Spring 2015, SRT data collected from the "Course items" will be released for all courses. Instructor permission is not required to release course item results. SRT course data for Spring 2015 is expected to be available in Fall 2015.

"Student Rating of Teaching (SRT) - Student Access Tool"

The SRT was introduced at the University of Minnesota in Spring 2008 for assessing instructional performance. The information collected from the six core items in the SRT are used for faculty pay, promotion and tenure decisions. In addition to the core items, Student Senate developed a set of nine SRT Student Release items to provide future students with information about instructors and courses. In collaboration with Student Senate and its advocacy efforts to bring this to fruition, the Office of Measurement Services (OMS) created this website to provide an opportunity for students to easily access the information.

The Student Release items are defined in the University Senate Policy. Data collected from these questions cannot be released without approval by the instructor. Thus, if you cannot find a specific faculty member or a specific course in this database it is because the faculty member has not agreed to release his/her results from the nine Student Release questions. More information regarding this Administrative Policy on Evaluation of Teaching may be found at:

The results may be searched by instructor name or by course. Simply enter the first few letters of the instructor's last name (or department designator and course number), and you will be provided a list of names of the instructors/courses that are in the database. Select the appropriate name and you will be provided the data available, authorized by the instructor.

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