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Results Descriptions

The Office of Measurement Services provides many different test scoring, analysis, and reporting options that our clients may utilize. Faculty may select simple or complex reports depending on their educational objectives.

The different scoring, analysis and reporting options include: (Click on each option for more information)

  1. Class List Reports:
    • Class List Report produced by OMS gives the test scores of individual participants.
    • OMS provides two different types of Class List Reports, raw score list and converted score list.
  2. Item Analysis:
    • The item Analysis Reports provides information about overall test reliability and about individual items for use in item and test improvement.
    • OMS provides a standard Item Analysis and an Extended Item Analysis.
  3. Descriptive Statistics:
    • The Descriptive Statistics Report produced by OMS gives the statistical characteristics of the test scores for a class.
  4. Individual Reports:
    • Is a one page report for each student with his/her score, percentile rank and group statistics
    • Included is a list of each item he/she did not answer correctly, showing his/her answer and the correct answers.
    • May minimize cheating because it is more difficult to alter than answer sheets.