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The Minnesota Statewide Testing Program (MSTP) provides consulting, scoring and reporting services to measure and assess K-12 student ability, achievement and academic growth. MSTP services are available to all K-12 public, private, charter and home schools in Minnesota.

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The Minnesota Statewide Testing Program (MSTP) strives to provide stellar customer service and high quality test scoring. Our clients benefit from having a local testing partner and assurance that their test results reflect their students’ efforts as accurately as possible. Our advantages include:

  • Rapid turnaround (days, not weeks)
  • Working with any schools, regardless of size and location
  • Competitive pricing paired with an unmatched reputation
  • A thorough review of individual responses flagged by the scanner as "unreadable"


Standardized tests allow students to be compared with other students and schools to be compared with other schools. Such comparisons give educators the opportunity to look at achievement and ability levels of students in relation to a defined student group. Teachers and administrators get an "external" look at the performance of their students, one that is independent of the school's own assessments of student learning. If our population continues to be highly mobile and students compete nationally as well as locally for educational and economic opportunities; student and school comparisons with local and national norm groups should be of interest to students, parents, and educators.

Home School testing

Our testing options help home school educators meet the Minnesota yearly testing requirement for their students. In cooperation with the educator’s local school district, we provide a series of standardized achievement and ability tests that meet state requirements. We also provide career interest instruments upon request.

Public, Private & Charter School Testing

A variety of achievement and ability test services can be purchased by any K-12 school; public, private or charter. We provide scores and results quickly and accurately.


The Minnesota Statewide Testing Program (MSTP) would like to remind you that we offer scoring and reporting on the newer IOWA Assessments Form E and Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) Form 7. This newer form of the IOWA Assessments will provide your school with an up-to-date measure of student achievement and growth across a continuum of next generation learning standards.

MSTP continues to offer affordable local scanning, scoring and reporting, including the quality standards that ensure the quick and accurate results you have come to rely upon. You will need to purchase your own books from Riverside/Houghton Mifflin for both tests.

The Riverside/Houghton Mifflin prices and order forms for IOWA Form E and CogAT Form 7 books can be found here.

Although we no longer maintain an inventory of books, we do carry the consumable booklets (grades 3-12) and answer sheets (grades 3-12). On the order form, please choose the option "For Schools that own their own books and need answer sheets." Order forms can be found here.

If you are still using the older versions (ITBS/ITED Form A or CogAT Form 6), we will continue to process them, at least through this school year. We also have books and directions that we can provide at no charge if requested, including a limited amount of enlarged print test books. The order form for these versions can also be found here.


Information is available regarding testing methods and timelines, how test results can be used, and a glossary of common terms. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions section to see if one of your questions has already been answered.

Testing Services News Frequently Asked Questions


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